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Digital X-ray

As with any aspect of medical care, knowing that a patient is or could be pregnant is important information. Please inform the technologist if pregnancy is possible.


Chest X-ray

The chest X-ray is performed to evaluate the lungs, heart and other thoracic structures.

A chest X-ray is typically the first imaging test used to help diagnose symptoms such as:

  • shortness of breath
  • a bad or persistent cough
  • chest pain or injury
  • fever

Physicians use the examination to help diagnose or monitor treatment for conditions such as:

  • pneumonia
  • heart failure and other heart problems
  • emphysema
  • lung cancer

How Should I prepare?

A chest X-ray requires no special preparation.


Bone X-ray

Bone X-rays are images of bones in the body. This includes joints, spine etc.

There is no preparation for these X-ray studies.

Common Uses of Bone X-rays

  • Diagnose fracture bones or joint dislocations.
  • Demonstrate proper alignment, stabilization and healing of bone fragments following treatment of a fracture.
  • Look for injury, arthritis and abnormal bone growth.
  • Assist in detection of bone cancer.
  • Locate foreign object in the body.